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About Us

Quality Is the Best Recipe

We are a fourth-generation bakery that uses traditional baking methods.

Freshness and authenticity are two of our most defining qualities. This is why you’ll never find our bakers cutting corners or taking the easy way out. From the moment the stars are still twinkling in the night sky, our bakers are hard at work preparing our iconic bread. They begin by refreshing the yeast, which is the cornerstone of many of our products.

It isn’t until the dough has reached its peak that we begin with the mixing process. Identifying the zenith of the dough is something that takes years of dedication and experience. And it is exactly this that allows us to transform our dough into the delicacy that we serve to all our customers. No thermometer or instrument is used for this process – just the intuition of professionals with unbridled adoration for their work. 

It is this passion that comes oozing out of every slice of bread we produce. From the perfect dough to the fresh farm ingredients on top, everything works together to provide the best experience for one’s health and taste buds. 

Authentic Tradition

Handcraft + Passion + Time

Our Philosophy


Our love for what we do is what drives us to perfect it with the use of the finest ingredients and the most masterful techniques. Our bakeries provide the most authentic, original and fresh products that one can find. The careful attention to detail we put into every intricacy of our products is what leads to the high quality of the final result.

We strive to provide not just crowd favorites, but also innovate and spin new ideas that allow the creative minds of our chefs to truly shine.  As far as food choices are concerned, we believe in perfecting what we already know, while also venturing forth to new culinary horizons.

Come by and experience real taste.


The mark of an Italian bakery is from its limitless supply of fresh bread. No matter the hour or time of day, customers can always find that perfectly warm loaf of bread to dine on. 

It is important for us to serve you the same invitingly warm and deliciously appetizing bread that has always been synonymous with Italian cuisine. 

Founder and CEO


Paolo begins his tale in the year 1984. Still a child at the time, he was the eldest among three brothers. Being from a poor family, Paolo began looking for work at the age of 13. 

While his parents did not agree with his decision, his determination to help his financially struggling family eventually got him his first-ever job. 
It is this experience that laid the groundwork for what would become his lifelong passion.

Bread has a vital importance for Paolo.
To him, it represents not just an imperative source of nourishment, but also a fundamental element of our religious history.

Even after having accomplished so much and becoming a man, that childlike wonder still lives on within Paolo as he stays true to the principles and core values he began his journey with. His humility and passion have garnered him the trust and support of every person he has worked with. 

Paolo’s dream has always been and will always be to continue doing good and helping those who are not as fortunate as him. This is why he always goes the extra mile to provide you with that glistening glimmer of happiness.